Four Months Later

Not going to deny it — I decided to step away for a bit after the fizzle that was Ambrosia‘s crowdfunding attempt. Mistakes were made, digested, and (eventually) accepted. Long story short, I think we should’ve been a bit more conservative in both its funding goal and the reward tiers.

There’s also no point in dwelling on it. Fortunately my digital eremitism didn’t include a creative hiatus. While my contributions to this blog might’ve slowed to a halt, life certainly has not. My first freelance endeavor, PAGES #1, released digitally on Amazon back in June; the third issue of disunity was scripted, lettered, and is now just awaiting its last touches of color; and some prose pieces I wrote for BlackShipBooks found their way into an anthology that launched this week. I’ll double back to that last bit in a few…

More importantly, I am lucky enough to have met someone who is as beautiful as she is inspiring — as kind as she is creative — a woman who instantly spoke to my hopelessly romantic heart. Not to get too sappy (too late?), but I’ve been spilling these beans just about everywhere I go. My Katerina is serendipity incarnate.

I met her in April, was smitten by May, and June marked both of our birthdays. To celebrate hers, I scripted a collaboration with disunity artist Ron Batchelor. It is a scene that juxtaposes two of our favorite things: Star Wars and Harry Potter. I must admit, the latter was her contribution to our conversation. I had dismissed the Wizarding World since its inception, likely just to buck the trend, though now I think I must’ve been waiting for her. Without further ado:


I couldn’t be happier with the outcome — Ron did one hell of a job rendering a cohesive piece from my original description, which I feel obliged to include:

As far as this commission goes, I’ve attached kat_idea as a rough framework. Ultimately, what I’m hoping you can do is some sort Star Wars/ Harry Potter mashup.

I still see it as a 2-page spread of sorts, with the composition on the left showing a dogfight and then on the right-hand page it’d be a quidditch match. In the foreground, as I tried to suggest in the mockup, there’d be a bust of Katerina with these two scenes sort of spilling into (or out of) her head.

Unless it’d be too abstract to try and represent cleanly, I think it’d be sweet if she could literally be half Jedi (on the Star Wars side) and then half Hogwarts (on the Potter part). I’m down for however you’d wanna blur/ blend the robes, hoods, and whatnot… if it is even something that you think would make a compelling image. I’m fine reconsidering this approach if you think it isn’t the best route.

Similarly, though, the seam between the dogfight and the quidditch could be blurred — maybe it is a night game of wizard’s ball? For the starfighters, we can go with the Battle of Endor (so 2nd Death Star/ Return of the Jedi). One last thing to mention for those two scenes, if possible, could the shot be composed so that we can clearly see her Jedi or wizard alter ego in each scene? So she’d be piloting an X-Wing on the left and flying on a broomstick on the right.

The last bit is that textual element, where the Star Wars side reads “THE FORCE WILL BE WITH YOU” and then the Potter quote, “AFTER ALL THIS TIME?” Both of these lines conclude in the middle, with the word “ALWAYS” being incorporated somewhere (centrally located, I’m thinkin) with the foreground image. If you could work those quotes into the composition, it’d be the icing on the cake.

Needless to say, the cake was iced.

Not sure how to transition back to the mundane ramblings of my “production log” after such a sentimental digression, so let’s go with abrupt, shameless self-promotion. That BlackShip anthology I mentioned? It’s called SPARK, and is now available digitally via Amazon’s Kindle store.

The collection features four works of flash fiction, all originally posted here if you care to scroll down for a preview, in addition to offerings from many other talented storytellers. Inside you’ll find two of my more meditative cyberpunk pieces, a tale of overtime hockey, and the unveiling of a luck machine. Thanks to any and all who check it out!