Reviews, Previews, and Other News

Forgive me Blog-Father, for I have slacked. My last submission was nearly a month ago and these are my updates. This is not to say I haven’t been flexing my typin’ fingers however.

I’ve joined the team of contributors over at Full Access Magazine, a print publication focused on the rock-and-roll scene down here in Florida. My first appearance was the September issue, with one article, though I’ll have four interviews in October’s release.

It is a refreshing exercise, to be pursuing journalistic endeavors again — I hadn’t since my college days. While the bands I’ve had the privilege of speaking with are not necessarily my sound of choice, I have immense respect for any artist who manages to make a living off of their creations. Next month’ll feature Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Iration, and The Cruz Brothers. Stay tuned!

Earlier in the month, Disunity #1 launched on comiXology ($1.99) and ComicsFury (for free), though I have made it available for direct download via this link. We’ve shopped it around for reviews and it would seem we’re doin’ alright for a pair of first-time indie creators:

Lettering for issue two begins this week, and we’re hoping to release by the middle of October. Last but not least, check out the pencil sketches for my latest collaboration, Dismal Signals, courtesy of the talented Rowel Roque: